Jennifer Safian of discusses some of the professionals that a mediator can refer couples to for help.The divorce mediator is a professional in matrimonial matters but must remain neutral in order to facilitate a conversation between the parties and help them create their own separation/divorce agreement. In this capacity, the mediator cannot take sides or give advice to either party. However, there are times during the mediation process when parties may need advice from other professionals.

The mediator will provide information such as:

  • What the child support calculations are in New York State

  • The differences between marital and separate property

  • Possible tax consequences to investigate before making final decisions on divisions of assets

For specific advice to one or the other party or for help on other questions outside of his field, the mediator will be more than happy to refer the parties to appropriate professionals before, during or at the end of the process. Some of these professionals include but are not limited to:

  • Attorneys for legal advice

  • Financial advisors to supplement the work done in mediation in reallocation of financial assets as well as investing the assets, taking into account the present and future needs of each party

  • Tax advisors who will calculate the tax consequences of sale or transfer of some properties

  • Forensic accountants to evaluate businesses, establish value of intellectual property or professional degrees obtained during the marriage

  • Child psychologists to help the children navigate the difficult transitions during their parents’ divorce

  • Individual therapists for emotional support to either party

  • Family therapists

  • Coaches who may give support during the mediation process, and in the reorganization of life post divorce

  • Real estate agents who can evaluate presently owned property, and help sell, purchase or rent property

  • Interior designers who can help families remaining in the same house or moving to a new place, redesign space, or deal with renovations both large and small

While you are navigating these difficult times, do not hesitate to ask your mediator for recommendations of professionals that you may wish to contact for advice. In my next few blogs, I will interview some of these professionals to give you an idea of how they can be of help.

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