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Rachel Fishman Green, Esq.Rachel Fishman Green, Esq.

Rachel is a very experienced family attorney who also began her practice as a divorce and family mediator in 1995. Rachel graduated cum laude from Boston University School of Law in 1990.

She is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Family & Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York where she Chairs the Ethics Committee. Rachel is a frequent presenter on Ethics and Domestic Violence at conferences and seminars given by the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation, and the Family & Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York. She was the keynote speaker, in 2002, at the annual conference for the Michigan Association of Court Mediators. Rachel is a certified mediator by “Safe Horizon’s” Brooklyn Mediation Center, and a certified Arbitrator of Matrimonial Fee Disputes for the Second Judicial District serving Kings County. She also mediates disputes about allegations of attorney misconduct, referred to her by the Judicial Grievance Committee, Second Department.

Rachel will act as a neutral and draft all legal agreements as well as file all the necessary divorce documents in the courts once the mediation process is completed.

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