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Filing the Divorce Action

{3:18 minutes to read} In a previous article, do we file for divorce before starting [...]

Give the Divorce Process the Time It Needs

{3:12 minutes to read} Instant gratification… isn’t that what many of us expect in all [...]

a painful plea from a child of divorce

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divorce: dealing with all the stuff—part 3

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divorce: dealing with all the stuff—part 2

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Debunking 5 Myths Stopping Couples from Starting Mediation

{3:54 minutes to read} Some people anticipating a separation or divorce think or may have [...]

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guilty! guilty! guilty!

{2:48 minutes to read} Judging . . . Why do some who have never experienced [...]

the dog and the bone

{1:28 minutes to read} In Aesop's story "The Dog and the Bone," a dog carrying [...]

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can i move out without a signed divorce agreement?

{3:06 minutes to read} One of the more frequently asked questions I hear is: “If [...]

congratulations? or condolences?

{3:30 minutes to read} A close friend tells you she/he is getting married. Your first [...]