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more often it’s the spirit that counts

Divorced parents opt for Joint Legal Custody so they can make all major decisions together [...]

parenting classes? why would I need that?

As far as I remember, parenting classes were originally designed to teach expectant or new [...]

don’t wait until it is too late

“Why is it that all of a sudden when we are getting divorced, my husband [...]

joint legal custody of the children! sounds great, and so what happens when we disagree?

Many couples going through divorce who have children under the age of 21 are choosing [...]

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being a parent post divorce: when parents don’t agree

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does a lawyer have a place in mediation? an interview with Timothy L. Horgan, attorney

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are we forgetting about the in-laws? part 2

Part 2: Dealing with your former in-laws after your divorce: In Part 1, we talked [...]

keys to a successful parenting plan

Choosing mediation over an adversarial legal process will help you build a parenting plan of [...]

being a parent post-divorce

Cooperating with your ex for the sake of your children can seem overwhelming in the [...]