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10 FAQs on Divorce and Taxes

{5:06 minutes to read} Many of the financial decisions made by couples going through divorce [...]

Let’s Not Forget the Add-Ons!

{3:12 minutes to read} While not mandatory, add-ons are more often than not a major [...]

Divorce Mediation With High-Net-Worth Families: It Is Not Just About the Money

{2:48 minutes to read} When I first started practicing divorce mediation 15 years ago, the [...]

the “art” of equitable distribution

{3:48 minutes to read} Divorce presents a multitude of challenges when it comes to the [...]

divorce: dealing with all the stuff—part 2

{3 minutes to read} In the first article of this series regarding sharing the contents of your home [...]

beware of buyer’s remorse

{3:30 minutes to read}  My father's hobby was art collecting. Much of his leisure time [...]

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exactly whose debt is it, anyway?

{4:50 minutes to read} Couples going through divorce often choose mediation to work out their [...]

inside or outside of the mediation room – it works

Lara and Tom were in my office for their third session. The first two meetings [...]

facing the harsh reality of your expenses

Whether you are married or are facing a separation or divorce, being on top of [...]

‘til divorce do us divide

They loved each other, they got married, they raised children, they worked hard, and their [...]