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If you are visiting this website, you may be among the many that are facing a separation
or divorce, that feel sad, angry, hurt – maybe even panicked, and in search of help.

Call me, Jennifer Safian. I am here to help you: 212 472 8626
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My team and I work with couples to create
a separation/divorce agreement through mediation.

In a mediated agreement, you both decide the terms and what works best for you and your family, as opposed to a litigated agreement which is imposed on you by a court or a judge.

“Jennifer Safian is a remarkable mediator. She is able to combine realism and compassion and she brings both to the mediation table. Her intelligent and thoughtful approach empowers parties to be the very best they can be when crafting a divorce agreement, focusing on the best interests of all involved including the children.”

-Jenny Besch, Director, Mediation Center Serving Westchester & Rockland Counties

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our mediation process

At Safian Mediation, we provide a safe and confidential environment so that each of you can express your thoughts and your needs.  Unlike the negative adversarial approach which looks to find fault with each party, mediation sets a positive tone by promoting honesty, openness, understanding and respect.

No decision will be forced upon you when you choose to mediate your trial separation, separation or divorce, or any other family or relationship conflict. On the contrary, we will help you evaluate various options regarding your specific issues including the division of your property, spousal support, as well as parenting issues, parenting schedules and child support. In this atmosphere, you can make your own informed decisions and come up with an agreement that works best for all of you.

Safian Mediation, once the mediation process is completed – and only when you are fully comfortable with all the decisions that you have made, an agreement can be drafted for you. In the case of divorce, your final Legal Agreement will be prepared and can then be filed in the courts.  If you so desire, we can make available our legal and/or financial team to consult with either or both of you, at any time during the process.

From our first conversation until your Legal Separation or Divorce documents are filed, the Safian Mediation team will guide you in developing an agreement that works for you and for your family, on your schedule, and at a much lower cost than going through an adversarial and/or litigated divorce.  

some of the many benefits of mediation

with mediation – you make the decisions, not a judge:

When getting separated with the help of a trained professional mediator, no one will force you into any decision that you don’t want to make.

The mediator is there to guide you both so that you include all the issues that need to be worked out as well as to help you generate options to create a Separation Agreement. The contents of the Agreement are controlled by you and your spouse only, as opposed to having a judge, who doesn’t know you or your family, mandate decisions for you.

mediation is family friendly:

Choosing mediation and it’s more amicable approach to getting separated, will benefit your family and your children.

Decisions will be made with the best interests of the children at the forefront. Unlike the adversarial approach to divorce, parents are encouraged to create their “Parenting Plan” together, to try and make positive decisions regarding how they can each contribute to the lives of their children and to not use the failures of the other party to attack each other in order to get what seems like a more advantageous parenting agreement.

mediation is equitable and fair for both of you:

The mediator is a neutral party who will protect both of you, and through the mediation process, will help to ensure that you build a Legal Separation Agreement that feels equitable and fair to you both.


mediation is a fraction of the cost of litigation:

You and your spouse don’t need to hire and pay separate attorneys to represent each of you in order to work out all the different issues that need to be addressed.

The mediator charges one fee for both of you, keeping the Cost of Your Divorce considerably less than litigation.

mediation sessions are available to fit your schedule:

We offer very flexible schedules to accommodate your professional and family obligations, scheduling mediation session appointments on weekdays as well as weekends and evenings.

Contact Safian Mediation today to schedule your no-fee Mediation Consultation.

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There are many benefits of choosing mediation over litigation
“I wanted to thank you for being such a help in this situation. It might not seem like you’ve done much but just having you there in the room changed everything – really. I do understand that its not your job to take sides and that its important for you to remain impartial. I do wish it were possible to show you, though, how radically different that conversation was just because you were there listening” MB.

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