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“I wish I had known that mediation even existed before we went and spent all that time and money on legal fees and got nowhere. Thank you for helping us work things out in such a short time.”

– B.  

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what is a mediator?

  • A mediator is an impartial professional who helps the parties facing a crisis in their lives:
  • define the issues that they need to address

  • consider their different options
  • facilitate their ability to take charge of their own lives
  • make the decisions which reflect the needs of their family and of themselves

At the end of the mediation process, a written agreement will be prepared which will include all the decisions mutually agreed upon by the parties.

The mediator will advise each of the parties to have this agreement reviewed by a lawyer. This agreement will then be used as a basis for a lawyer to prepare the Separation Agreement.

what are the benefits of mediation?

  • a faster non adversarial process which avoids legal battles
  • reasonable cost

  • a process where the parties maintain control of the decisions affecting their lives and those of their children
  • confidentiality
  • a process which fosters communication and cooperation

There are many benefits of choosing mediation over litigationMediation = Fair & Equitable for Both of You:

The mediator is a neutral party who will protect both of you, and the mediation process to ensure that you build a legal separation agreement that feels equitable and fair to both of you. If there are compromises to be made, you will make them knowingly and willingly.

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