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Modifying Divorce Agreements in NY

There may be a time post-divorce when you and your ex-spouse have been living apart for a while, where you notice that some things have changed since you worked out your separation decisions. For example:

  • Your lives have moved in a different direction than you anticipated.
  • Your incomes have substantially changed requiring recalculation of child support and add-on expenses.
  • Your children have grown and their needs have changed.
  • A new job offer may require a relocation.

or some other new situation that affects your original Divorce Agreement.

All of the above can require one or more modifications to the terms of the original Divorce Agreement.

Mediation can be the right place to consider all the options that may be available to you to work this out and make the necessary changes.

Once you have made the decisions and set new terms that better suit your current needs, and those of your family, your divorce mediator can then draft a new informal agreement, specifically for the issues that you have modified. This document can simply be signed by the two of you, or notarized as well if you so desire, eliminating the time, cost, and hassle of going to court.

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