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Jennifer Safian, divorce mediator credentials

  • APFM: Founding Member of  Academy of Professional Family Mediators
  • FamilyKind: Member of the Advisory Council of FamilyKind, a New York City based non-profit organization which offers divorce services and parenting classes to families going through separation or divorce.
  • NYSCDM: Accredited Mediator Member of the New York State Council Divorce Mediation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the highest professional standards of divorce mediation: Accredited Mediator Member of the NYSCDM since 2010: a certification given to mediators who have attended a specific number/hours of trainings and demonstrated extensive mediation experience, and who continue to attend Continuing Education programs.
  • ACR: Advanced Practitioner Member of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) since 2007: a certification given to mediators who have attended a set number of hours and specific training’s and completed over 250 hours of mediation, and who continue to attend Continuing Education programs.
  • FDMC: Accredited Mediator Member of the Family and Divorce Mediation Council (NY) (FDMC) since 2007 and former Member of the Board and Membership Chair: FDMC is an organization which promotes the use of mediation to resolve conflict. As Membership Chair, my role was to foster membership by attracting new mediators who would enhance the profession and serve the public at large.
  • NADP: Member of National Association of Divorce Professionals, a national organization of highly experienced professionals whose goal is to positively impact the divorce process by providing couples with different resources to manage the varied aspects of their divorce.
  • 2003 to date: Volunteer Mediator in Custody, Visitation and Divorce Mediator at the Westchester Mediation Center of Cluster in Yonkers, New York

“Jennifer was a great asset to the Family Court Mediation Program. She is a professional, highly skilled mediator, who brings an air of openness, sensitivity and compassion to all her clients. I would highly recommend anyone seeking a competent mediator to look no further. She will treat you with dignity and respect.”

Tziporah Pronman,
Former Manhattan Family
Court Mediation Manager

  • 2008 to date: Custody and Visitation Mediator Member of the Panel of the Family Courts of the five boroughs of New York City: working with families who are referred by the judges to resolve their own custody and visitation disputes rather than have the judges make decisions for them.
  • 2010 to date: Divorce Mediator Member of the Panel of Westchester County Supreme Court’s Matrimonial Mediation Program.


I am certified in Family and Divorce Mediation through many training programs.  I also attend on a regular basis Continuing Education programs to keep informed on family mediation and the changes in divorce laws in NY State.

  • 2000 Divorce Mediation Training with the Center for Family & Divorce Mediation, NYC: basic divorce training dealing with all aspects of divorce.

Domestic Violence Training in accordance with the requirements of the Academy of Family Mediators/Association for Conflict Resolution: assessing and assisting families where domestic violence may be present.

  • 2001 60 hour practicum at the Center for Family & Divorce Mediation, NYC: training and working as a team with another mediator to help couples going through divorce.
  • 2002 – Intensive Training Program at the Center for Mediation in Law: Understanding base model mediation to help people reach short and long term agreements and durable solutions by exploring what underlies the conflicts.
  • 2003Child Protection Mediation Training

Advanced Mediation Training, Center for Mediation in Law: more advanced training using the Understanding base model.

Jennifer Safian Mediation Training

Mediation Training at the Westchester Mediation Center of Cluster: training to work with families who are referred by the courts for custody and visitation issues.

  • 2006Advanced Training in Elder Mediation: assisting families in dealing with various aspects of the care of their aging loved ones including living arrangements, medical and financial decisions.
  • 2010 Understanding Transformative Mediation: a non-directive approach to mediation where the parties are empowered to better understand each other in order to be able to resolve their own disputes in the present and/or the future.
  • 2011 – Advanced Mediation Training Same-Sex Mediation: working with same sex couples going through a separation/divorce and dealing with their children and property.

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