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Online Data Security Concept{3:12 minutes to read} In our world of technology, often overwhelming to me and probably to many of you, we frequently hear the words “data security.” We are shopping and paying online, we are emailing documents to colleagues, clients, bankers, brokers and the like.

I don’t know about you, but for myself, I think about security in passing and then quickly continue doing what I am doing. Big firms usually have in-house regulations regarding security but how do we, individuals or small business owners, protect ourselves as we continually increase our usage of cyberspace?

So for this article, I decided to stretch beyond my usual comfort level and learn something about security, hopefully sharing some information with my readers, as well. Towards that end, I recently spoke with Sean O’Rourke, a co-founder and former president of Syzygy 3, Inc., a technology consulting and services firm.

What is Data Security?

Basically, data security is the process of controlling access to information stored on technology devices (servers, computers, mobile phones, etc.). The processes of securing data vary, depending on:

  • The types of devices housing the data;
  • Where those machines are physically housed; and
  • Who requires access,

among other variables.

Who is more at risk of having their data compromised, businesses or individuals?

Given the current state of cybercrime, businesses are more of a target. Like any criminal enterprise, they’re looking to maximize the potential return, given the great risk. That said, solo business owners must think of themselves as businesses when it comes to data security.

Can you give us 3 tips that individuals can put into place easily?

  • Email is not a secure method of sharing sensitive information (down to addresses or birth dates); invest in services that secure documents on password-protected sites;
  • Use a password management tool: these services (e.g., LastPass, Dashlane, among others) allow you to remember one password but still maintain strong passwords for all your web accounts;
  • Do not answer security questions with real answers: hackers can use publicly-available info to guess these answers; some password management tools allow you to store these answers.

I hope that these few words will encourage you to pursue your own security. As for myself, now I will need help putting in place Sean’s wise advice. I strongly believe that I am a better mediator than I am a techie!!

So if you need help with your security or know someone who does, call Sean. But if you know someone who needs mediation services, have them call me!


Sean O’Rourke, director of operations for Combs & Company (www.combsandco.com), a full service insurance brokerage firm headquartered in New York City. Combs & Company provides all types of business, health, life, disability, among other insurance coverages. Prior to joining Combs & Company, Sean was co-founder and president of Syzygy 3, Inc. (www.syzygy3.com), a technology consulting and services firm. He can be reached at 646.736.3737 or at sorourke@combsandco.com.

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