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Picture of Jennifer Safian, Divorce Mediator Making these decisions can sometimes seem overwhelming and the mediator’s role is to help the parents clarify their thoughts, express their wishes in front of the other parent, which they may at times be afraid to do, look at all the possible alternatives and create a parenting agreement which best corresponds to their needs and to their lives. Having a specific plan with dates and schedules will help all the different members of the family operate in their new lives.

In the course of the mediation, decisions will have to be made between the parents as to what type of custody they will have regarding their children. Custody refers to the legal right and responsibility to make decisions for the children as well as where the children will be residing.

In the case where parents decide to have joint custody, they will make all important decisions regarding their children’s lives together. Those decisions will include such things as education, religion, and medical matters as well as any other relevant issues that affect the children. Parents will decide together where the children will have their primary residence and how they will share their time with the children.

If the parties opt for one parent to have sole custody, the children will most probably be living with that parent and that parent will be the only one to make all important decisions regarding the children’s lives. In such a case, the parents will work out a schedule so that the “non-custodial” parent will also spend time with the children. Some people refer to this as a “visitation schedule”, but a “parenting schedule” is the preferred term as neither parent is a visitor, and both parents still continue to be involved in the lives of their children. This schedule will be very specific in describing how parents will share time with their children, weekdays and weekends, holidays and vacations. The parents will also be encouraged to talk about how the transitions will be made between each home.

The mediator will take notes and all the decisions made together by the parents will be included in your final agreement that will be prepared at the end of the mediation.

“I cannot thank you enough for your patience and help during this difficult time. I can only imagine how painful it would have been without your experience and skill”


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