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{2:30 minutes to read} The title sounds like one of those ubiquitous internet ads that make outrageous promises justWordcloud of Web design to get you to click through, but in this case, it’s true! You will notice a little pulling and tucking, but don’t worry, there was no pain and no visible scars, just a new look.

Why? Websites that were just fine a few years ago are now passé and must be revamped to accommodate the ever changing world of technology. In order to keep up with the increased use of mobile devices when searching the WEB, and facilitate access to our website, www.safianmediation.com decided to undergo a non-surgical face lift.

The purpose of this new look is to make the site more easily readable on your mobile phones and iPads, in addition to your Macs and PCs. I promise that you will recognize us despite the slight change in our layout.

In addition to our new look, we have also created categories to organize the 100+ blog articles that we have written over time and the ones that we will continue to write. These sections include:

By clicking on a designated image, you will immediately access articles that relate to that subject. You may find that one or more of our blog articles show up in 2 or 3 different categories as they may touch upon those different issues.

We would love to receive your feedback on our new look, as well as any thoughts you may have on topics you would like to read about in future blogs.

Welcome to our enhanced website.  Feel free to drop by anytime.

At Safian Mediation, we provide a safe and confidential environment so that each of you can express your thoughts and your needs.  Unlike the negative adversarial approach which looks to find fault with each party, mediation sets a positive tone by promoting honesty, openness, understanding and respect.

Jennifer Safian

jennifer safian. divorce and family mediator
divorce and family mediation
upper east side of manhattan (nyc)
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(212) 472-8626
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  1. Lillian Gottlieb July 18, 2016 at 9:02 am - Reply

    Great new look! All the best!

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