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Family Dispute? Ask a Question

{1:36 minutes to read} With our aging population and the growth of multi-generation families, the need for family Family Dispute? Ask a Question by Jennifer Safianmediation is increasing as conflicts arise. These conflicts come in all shapes and sizes:  

  • Disputes between siblings over the care of aging parents
  • Squabbles regarding distribution of assets in inheritances
  • Disagreements regarding the sharing of family vacation homes
  • Resentments of elder parents feeling that they don’t get the attention they need from their children
  • Money disputes

And many others.

As a service to families experiencing tension and/or outright disputes among themselves, I have created on my website a place where people can ask questions regarding their family concerns. Contributors may remain anonymous if that is their preference. Questions will be answered quickly through email.

Since other visitors to this page will benefit from questions that have already been asked, new contributors will be given a choice as to whether they want their question and answer to appear on the website. In either case, names and email addresses for those who choose to be anonymous will not appear.

To access this page on my website, please go to Ask Jennifer or visit Safian Mediation and click on the Ask Jennifer button on the upper left corner of the home page.

I hope you find this service a useful guide towards resolving family difficulties.

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