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“I am feeling torn and guilty.”

Jennifer Safian of www.safian-mediation.com talks about what to do if you feel you need to step away from and stay out of your friend's divorce.There are times when you may feel afraid to be too close to a divorcing couple. Suddenly, your marriage may seem like it could also be in danger. This is a normal reaction for some and may require a little distancing from those friends.

But divorce is not contagious, one does not catch it like a virus. Sometimes, bumps in your marriage may just trigger a thought that your life is not perfect. But no one’s life is perfect! Most of the bumps do not mean that a divorce is the answer, and can be dealt with in other ways.

However, if you need to take a temporary step back, you may want to tell your friend that you are not abandoning them, you just don’t want to get in the middle. Let them know that they should not be afraid to ask you at any time for help with the kids, to run some errands, cook a meal, or do anything to relieve them from a chore.

Remember that your friends are suffering, each in their own way and that any way you can assist them, even by just listening, may be of huge benefit to them.

If you have experienced divorce and can offer suggestions to friends of a divorcing couple, your input would be very much appreciated, I’m sure.

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