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Giant Steps

Giant Steps by Jennifer Safian{2 minutes to read} As I wrote in my previous article, I was looking back through some of my early postings and came across a 2-part series that I thought was worth a revisit. The first part, “Baby Steps,” talked about a step-by-step approach that a couple used to put in place a long-term parenting plan.

This article, entitled “Giant Steps,” gives an example of what happens when a couple would rather bite the bullet and get the agreement done quickly rather than proceed in small gradual increments.

Both methods have their validity. The one that may work for some may not work for others. There are many different roads that can help you accomplish your goals. It’s a question of finding the right one for you. Read below about what worked for Bob and Judy.

Mediation Made to Measure, Part 2
“Giant Steps”

Bob* and Judy* came in for a 30-minute free consultation following a quick phone call that I received from Judy to set up the appointment. They had found my name on the internet and wanted to meet with me and find out how quickly they could get an agreement done. They did not want to spend much time nor money and wanted to move forward with their lives….

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Jennifer Safian shares how mediation can allow couples to finish their divorce as quickly as they want, a key benefit to staying out of court.

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