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Baby Steps

Baby Steps by Jennifer Safian{1:36 minutes to read} I was looking back through some of my previous articles and came across a 2-part series that discusses the different approaches some couples take in order to put an agreement in place. As I was reading them again, I thought the insights were worth a revisit.

The first one, entitled “Baby Steps,” talks about a couple who had a lot of difficulty creating a long-term parenting plan. A small, step-by-step method proved to be a good solution to some of the overwhelming decisions they needed to make. This method could also be used to ease into other stressful situations that we may encounter in our lives.

If you are struggling with some difficult decisions or situations, this article might help you make progress toward a resolution.

Mediation Made to Measure, Part 1

“Baby Steps”

At the end of June, I received a call from John*. He sounded totally desperate. He explained that he and his wife Mary* had been trying to work out a divorce agreement though their lawyers for the last 9 months. Instead of making progress, he felt his relationship with his wife had worsened and he did not know what to do….

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