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12 critical mistakes to avoid
when considering a separation or divorce!!

If you have come to this site, you may be thinking about, or have already decided on separating or even getting a divorce.

Whether you are in the thinking stage or the planning stage of a separation or a divorce, there are a number of critical mistakes that you can avoid. In so doing, you will help yourself and your family get through this difficult time and move on with your lives in a more positive way.

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here are a few examples of the mistakes you can avoid:

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Paula was looking forward to her new life. She didn’t know when the house would sell but had a vague idea of the amount of money that she would be collecting from her share. With that in mind, she signed a lease for a rental apartment, and another lease for a full time office space – before she finished negotiating the terms of her divorce.

In an early mediation session, I encouraged both parties to prepare budgets, which very clearly showed that Paula had overextended herself, and would not be able to afford both rentals and living expenses in Manhattan.

Do you know which critical mistake Paula fell victim to? mistake #6: making financial commitments before your agreement with your spouse is worked out. She had put down deposits when signing the leases, which she then lost when she realized that the money she anticipated would not be there.

mistake #11: criticizing your spouse to, or in front of your child
Jennifer Safian Mediator

A friend once told me about a couple she knew who went to their child’s high school graduation, did not sit next to each other, but were exchanging angry looks throughout the ceremony. When the graduation ended, they both walked up to congratulate their daughter but could not resist mumbling curse words to each other. Can you imagine how that girl must have felt? The embarrassment she endured? And on a day that should have been a celebration of her achievement!

There are many benefits of choosing mediation over litigation
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How can you avoid costly mistakes like this?
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12 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When considering a Separation or Divorce!!