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an interview with Conflict Specialists host Dave Hilton

Jennifer Safian of Safian Mediation shares her interview about conflict resolution when dealing with multi-international families.In this radio blog, I was interviewed by Dave Hilton for his Conflict Specialists online radio show. Dave is a mediator, conflict engagement specialist, and trainer in the Texas area. As such, he has chosen to interview conflict resolution professionals all over the country and find out about their individual interests. Dave was particularly interested in my background and my personal experience as a divorce mediator not only working with English speaking clients, but also with people whose country of origin may be Spanish or French speaking.

Many people change jobs and relocate with their families, and sometimes find themselves in a place that is very different from the culture they are used to. The beginnings are exciting as they try to acclimate to the new culture, the different customs, and different language. But it has been my experience that when people go through a personal crisis such as divorce, they often derive comfort in working with someone who not only understands their culture but also speaks their language.

It was fun sharing my experience with Dave. I hope you find this recording interesting and informative. Please feel free to leave comments in the “leave a comment” box below.

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