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The Role of a Life and Divorce Coach

The Role of a Life and Divorce Coach{2:24 minutes to read} Some couples are intimidated by the enormity of the divorce process and might need a little extra support. I spoke to Karen Bigman, MBA, a Certified Life and Divorce Coach, and asked her a few questions about her role in the divorce process.

What is the role of a divorce coach?

A Divorce Coach is a Life Coach specifically trained in working with individuals going through divorce. Divorce Coaches help couples look at their divorce more holistically, tactically, practically and most importantly, emotionally.

At what point of the divorce process do you come in?

Someone considering divorce would come to me to discuss their options: “Should I, or shouldn’t I?” If the decision to divorce has already been made, we work together to determine the best process for them given their specific circumstances, and from there we build a divorce team and road map for the divorce process.

What are the different issues you can help with?

Understanding the divorce process:

  • What the different processes are (mediation, collaborative, litigation) and how each one works so that the client can pick the most appropriate one
  • Finding the right professionals (legal, financial, mental health, etc.) and other available resources

Financial Readiness:

  • Working through data collection and basic budgeting pre- and post-divorce
  • Helping organize payment of bills and other financial and administrative post-divorce issues that the client may need help with
  • Helping vet different financial options
  • Helping find the right financial professionals (advisors, accountants, insurance)

Sounding Board:

  • Help clients understand and cope with the emotional overwhelm so they can be more clear-headed and can make the best decisions for themselves
  • Answer divorce related questions such as those dealing with real estate, job searches, children, etc., or refer them to the appropriate professionals from a large vetted database

Post-divorce life:

  • Dating
  • Finding a new job
  • Moving to a new home
  • Helping the children adjust



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